Kevin Stadler ✉️


About me

I hold a PhD in Linguistics & English Language from the University of Edinburgh, where I wrote my thesis on language variation and change from a cultural evolutionary perspective, supervised by Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith and Richard Blythe at the Centre for Language Evolution, followed by a stay as a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen.

I have an irregularly updated blog here, and have previously also written for Replicated Typo.

You can find a lot of the code I write over on Github. If you’re a linguist or cultural evolution researcher you might be interested in my cultevo R package. Other notable work includes my “vaguely apocalyptic interactive art installation” sonic gray goo which was exhibited at Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh in 2015. When I’m not busy marvelling at maps I also sing, play bass and guitar (as well as the occasional ukulele and keybord) in a band called sick kids of edinburgh. I was previously also a member of the ever-(r)evolving Nice Church.

I might also be the only person who actually uses Google+.


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I have previously tutored courses on Introduction to linguistics, Phonetic analysis and empirical methods (in sociolinguistics), History of the Indo-European languages, Introduction to algorithms & data structures, Introduction to programming (in Java) as well as taught lectures on Statistics & methods of scientific research. In recognition of my participation in training activities for teaching in higher education I was accepted as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.