Kevin Stadler ✉️


About me

I recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh, where I wrote my thesis on language variation and change from a cultural evolutionary perspective, supervised by Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith and Richard Blythe at the Centre for Language Evolution, followed by a stay as a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen.

I have an irregularly updated blog here, and have previously also written for Replicated Typo.

You can find a lot of the code I write over on Github. If you’re a linguist or cultural evolution researcher you might be interested in my cultevo R package. Other work includes my “vaguely apocalyptic interactive art installation” sonic gray goo which was exhibited at Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh in 2015. When I’m not busy marvelling at maps I also sing, play bass and guitar (as well as the occasional ukulele and keybord) in a band called sick kids of edinburgh. I was previously also a member of the ever-(r)evolving Nice Church.

I might also be the only person who actually uses Google+.


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I have previously tutored courses on Introduction to linguistics, Phonetic analysis and empirical methods (in sociolinguistics), History of the Indo-European languages, Introduction to algorithms & data structures, Introduction to programming (in Java) as well as taught lectures on Statistics & methods of scientific research. In recognition of my participation in training activities for teaching in higher education I was accepted as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.